5 floor exercise -wikifeed
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5 Best exercise to reduce your belly fat

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Only 5 floor exercise make your body perfect

1.Push Ups:

5 floor exercise -wikifeed

This is a very known exercise everybody knows the procedure. Well in this exercise you have lie down on a mat and face must be on the floor side.

Now spread your arms and distance should be according to yours shoulder.

Now push yourself up and down. Do 3 sets and increase according to yourself.


It strengthens or build your shoulder, arms, and chest muscles.




5 floor exercise -wikifeed

Lie down on your back and bend your knee. Arms places behind your head.

Try yourself to bring your chest, neck and head put off by sit up slowly then bring back chest, neck and head to the floor side. Repeat this and do 3 sets.

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Build abdominal muscles and reduce extra fat from your stomach.

3.Overhead stretches

5 floor exercise -wikifeed

First you lie down on the floor then keeping your arms over your head. Now move your hand and knee on the same side and after this move them from another side. Repeat this exercise.


This helps in strengthen the leg, hand, and shoulder  muscles.

Reduce the fat from stomach areas and make your body perfect.


5 floor exercise -wikifeed

First lie down from your back side and open your both hands together then lift your leg for 45 degrees. Now bring your foot to the opposite side of the leg by bending your knee.

Hold this position for some time and then again slowly come to the initial position. Repeat this exercise.


Shape your arms ,legs .shoulder ,butts and reduce abdominal fat ad well.


5 floor exercise -wikifeed

Lie down on the floor from your back side, place your hands under your back and bend your knees.

Try to raise bend legs off the floor. Repeat again.

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Strengthen your abdominal, thigh, legs  muscles and help in but sculpting



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