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5 Top World’s Richest People in 2017.

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                        5 Top World’s Richest People in 2017.

You know that in our world there is one more wealthy person in our world that has earned its name in the world by its master and hard work. It is not a difficult task to become rich. If you want to bring your name in front of the world, Diligently try to reach yourself to the point that if you also have a name in the world, then let us talk about those people who are the richest in the world. Finance O

Let’s take a look at those great people who have formed their names around the world.

1) Bill Gates (बिल गेट्स )


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Billgates is the world’s richest person.

Born on October 28, 1955 in Marika.

To make his career, he was the co-founder of Microsoft’s co-founding with Paul Allen in 1975, the world’s largest and most successful and personal computer company.

1) According to the first number of friends, according to 2017, Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, has been ranked first in the world as the richest person in the world.

According to the 2017, he owns a net worth of 89.9 billion US dollars worth of 480 billion rupees.

• His name was placed in “World’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors” in 1985 by “Good Housekeeping

And Billgates is still the author of two books, the names of those books namely “the road ahead” and the speed of “business @

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• He has famously quoted “Your most unhappy customer is your biggest source of learning.”


2) (Amancio ortega gown ) Amancio ओर्टेगा गाउन

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Amancio Ortega gown coming to the second number, it is a fashion and business man and founder of the Eidetic Fashion Samhu, he will take his business very high and he made himself with his mahant and marriage, which he named him World In the rich person count, and the Eidetik Fashion Samhu is also the president.

At this time, according to 2017, world’s richest man he is the owner of 430 thousand crore net worth of 75.8 billion

US dollars. She is famous all over the world for her most famous clothes Kundra shops.

Most notably, it was also once that Forbes had won the first place by defeating Mr. Bilgates 4 hours out of the world’s richest person.

After leaving the study for some time, he worked for a shirt maker shop named Gala.

And most importantly, he left his studies at the age of 14.

• In 1975, he inaugurated his first Zero store.

• Just estimates that more than 6000 stores are world wide


3) Warren Buffett – U.S.A. (वॉरेन बफेट – यू.एस.ए.)


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Warren world’s richest man Edward Buffett is an American business wealth, investor and philanthropist. Buffett works as Chief Executive Officer and President of Berkshire Hathaway.

And according to 2017, their net worth is estimated to be worth $ 440 billion in US $ 68.2 billion.

And he had promised to give 99% of his net worth according to the demon.

And their best identity is known as the popular “Omaha magician” of the The persons.

• In 2012 they have successfully treated prostate cancer.

• He has been recognized as the Top Money Manager of the 20th Century by the survey conducted by Carson Group


4) Jeff Bezos – U.S.A. (जेफ बेजोस – यू.एस.ए.)


world's richest man-wikifeed

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos today became the richest person in the world by overtaking Microsoft’s Bill Gates Jeff Bezos has reached this position due to the boom in US technology company shares. This claim has been made in an estimate of Forbes Magazine.

Magazine said that Bezos’s financial and non-financial assets worth 90.5 billion US dollars in the morning, while Gates has assets worth 90 billion US dollars.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American technology and retail entrepreneur, investor, computer scientist and philanthropist, known as the best founder, president and chief executive officer.

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“Jeff Bezos – U.S.A.” in the world Has achieved its name in the world in the counting of the The rich.

 Mr. Bezos Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American technology and retail entrepreneur, investor, computer scientist is a founding president and online shopping is the largest shareholder in the vast Amazon

It is believed that the net worth of US $ 63.1 billion is 422 thousand crore in 2017

Jeff was born on January 12, 1964 He bought the Washington Post Newspaper Division in 2013


5 ) Charles Coach – U.S.A. (चार्ल्स कोच – यू.एस.ए.)


world's richest man-wikifeed

Charles de Ganahal Coach is an American businessman, political donor and philanthropist. He is the Chairman of the Board, co-owner, and Chief Executive Officer of Coach Industries, while his brother David Coke is acting as the Executive Vice President. Charles Coach’s brother, David Coach is Executive Vice President of Coach Industries

It is believed that as Mr. Koch 2017, the net worth of 370.2 million USD is less than 370 thousand crore He was born on November 1, 1935 at the age of 81 in the United States. David also owns 42% of the organization – Coach Industries

Since 1967, Charles Coach has been the President and CEO of America’s second largest private company, Coach Industries.

This group is selling $ 100 billion from pipelines, chemicals, Dixie cups, brandy paper towels and stanmaster carpets.

His father, Fred Koch, started business in 1940 and improved a method of refining heavy oil in petroleum.

Kansas originally controls the firm’s interest with his brother, David; He bought shares of his brothers in 1983.

6 ) Mukesh Ambani India ( मुकेश अम्बानी भारत )


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Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian business tycoon who is the largest shareholder of Chairman, Managing Director and Reliance Industries Limited, India’s second most valuable company by Fortune Global 500 company and market value.

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Mukesh Ambani (born 19 April 1957 in Yemen) is an Indian businessman and according to the Forbes list, in August 2016, with the personal wealth of $ 22.2 billion in August 2016, he is the world’s forty th richest man. He is the Chairman, Managing Director of Reliance Industries and the largest shareholder in the company. It is the largest private sector and Fortune 500 company in India.

His personal stake in Reliance Industries is 48%. The value of their property (according to Forbes) is 22.2 billion US dollars, to which they prove to be India’s richest man.

Mukesh and his younger brother Anil are the sons of Reliance Industries, the founder of late Dhiru Bhai Ambani. Mukesh is also the owner of Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians.

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