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Not secure enough? Apple’s iPhone X’s security guarantee fails with 3D mask | Technology

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Not secure enough? Apple’s iPhone X’s security guarantee fails with 3D mask

Using a 3rd composite mask, a team of researchers from Vietnam has claimed that they have succeeded in the joke of the face identity card discovery system of ‘the’ Apple’s super top iPhone. So that the identity of the face ‘does not mature enough’ to guarantee the security for the smartphone. In a recent iPhone release, Senior Vice President Phil Selar of the Apple claimed that Cara’s identity card is capable of distinguishing between true faces and masks with the help of his artificial intelligence (AI).

Beakov of Vietnam’s security company has created a mask with the help of a 3rd printer, which costs $ 150. In iPhone’s recent X launch program, Senior Vice President Phil Schiller of the Apple claimed that Cara’s identity card could separate the true human face from the mask, due to his artificial intelligence (AI).


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In a blog post, Beakov said, ‘the nose is made by artists by hand, we used the 2nd printing for other parts (under which we had spoiled the face discovery system nine years ago). The skin was also made from hands, so that AI from the Apple could be dodded. ‘ The skin was also made by hand to deceive the artificial intelligence of the Apple.

Technology - wikifeed

The non-governmental organization Tuan Anh said, ‘the mask is made by combining the 3rd printing with make-up and 2nd images, in addition to some special processing on the cheeks and around the face, where there are large areas of skin, the idiots of the face identity card is tricked To create ‘Vice President of Security Cyber.


(source: youtube)

Bkav security experts have also posted a video that how they said that Face ID can be fooled by the mask, which means that this is not an effective security measure.

The vice president of Bikoov (cyber security) Engo Tun’an said, ‘This facade is made with the help of 3rd printing, makeup and 2nd printing. Apart from this, special illustrations have been made around cheeks and faces, where there is a greater part of the skin so that the AI ​​of the foam can be tricked.

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