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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Refuses To Recognize Gehana Vasisth | Celebrities

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Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Refuses To Recognize Gehana Vasisth.

Gehana Vasisth had described herself as a classmate of Arshi Khan and had several accusations. In a conversation with Arshi Khan refused to recognize Gehana Vashistha.

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Arshi Khan may have become homeless from the house of Big Boss, but even after leaving, his bold style continues. When Arshi was inside the house, model and actress Gehana Vasisth had a lot of poison against Arshi Khan. Gehana Vasisth had described herself as a classmate of Arshi Khan and had said that Arshi is 55 years old husband. In the conversation, Arshi Khan has clearly refused to recognize Gehana Vasisth.

In response to the allegations of Gehana Vasisth, Arshi said, “Who is the Gehana?” I do not know any Gehana Vasisth. According to Arshi, any girl named Gehana Vasisth is not a classmate. According to Arshi – I have not met any person from this name. He is lying, who is speaking. Let anyone show me one of my photos with him. Let us tell you that Gehana Vasisthl had said for the first time that Arshi, who claims the affair of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi, is a lie. Later, Arshi confessed this fact to the show.

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Gehana Vasisth had said in Arshi’s time that in 2014, Arshi was making a date with her manager Flin Remedios and both were also in live-in relationships for a short time. But due to Arshi’s short tempers, the two separated. At the same time, according to Flisha Remedios, manager of Arsi, he has made a case of Rs one crore against Gehana Vasisth. Earlier reports had come that Gehana Vasisth can come as a Wild Card Contestant in the house.

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Apart from this, Hina and Shilpa are sure that they will not be out but they have to exclude others in some way. The battle of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta was also fake, which led to many members of the house in Jhansi.

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After leaving Arshi’s house, Gehana Vasisth has accused Ershi’s friend Vikas Gupta. Gehana Vasisth says that Arshi Khan has come out of the house and has done a magic wand by blaming the show. According to Gehana Vasisth- Colors’ creative team has many friends of development. These things may have already been decided before the Big Boss starts. Gehana Vasisth

Actress Gehana Vasisth had revealed on Arshi that she has told her age incorrectly in the show and she has also married a 50-year-old man. Gehana Vasisth says that he is from Bhopal himself, where Arshi lives. Gahna has told Arshi for more than 32 years. But in the show, Arshi has described her age as 27 years. Apart from this, the biggest allegation on Gehana Vasisth was that the cases of 10 criminal cases pending against him were pending.

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