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Cutting Green Trees And Playing With The Environment

As you know, our daily life is a very important contribution to the environment and the cleanliness of the environment leads to a lot of diseases, and the environment remains pure and we need to plant more trees to make the environment pure. They should also look after them, but they are not being. They are being harvested instead of planting trees. Which has a very profound impact on our daily life, and the world’s dirt atmosphere goes in our body due to the purity of which we have to face diseases and when the trees are not there, the atmosphere is also clean There will be no more left, which will be more to us which can harm us.

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On the one hand, where Smart City, Smart Citizen Initiative is being taken to get rid of pollution and dirt, we are going to break away from our duties. The call from government drill to intellectuals is not bringing change. This is the reason why climate change is not coming

Those officers who are sitting in government offices will also have to pay attention to the fact that Earth’s ornaments permit trees to cut the plants to increase the property. As long as every person of society does not understand their obligation, people who play with the environment will not be willing to destroy the earth. It is said that the wrong actions by a person of society influence the hundred people.

Information - wikifeed

While most of the people are not missing out on playing the earth. Houses are being built by cutting forests with brick and mortar. This is the reason that the risk of global warming is increasing annually. There is a decline in groundwater level. Water label has gone down from one to two meters at many places in the district. This is because we are not discharging our responsibilities with the law. As long as people do not understand their obligations, it will not be difficult to preserve the environment. Everyone on this side will have to pay attention.

Neither administration/government is serious about the environment in the district nor the general public. The Mafia is so domineering that he is doing his business by cutting down trees. In the name of first development, about 60 thousand trees were taken in the metropolitan area, now the Mafia is running a hawk on the trees of trees in the city.

There is no such place where the ax is not being run on green trees in the darkness of the night. In the same city, some pictures have taken pictures of the killing of greenery. The district’s horticulture department is sleeping completely in deep sleep and nothing is being done for environmental protection. Due to the ignorance of government departments, the mafia has full fun and the public is forced to suffer loss.

Information - wikifeed

Measures to make the atmosphere pure

  • Use the cloth to place the paper in place of hands. It is right to change this habit
  • Choosing local organic food is good. This reduces unnecessary transportation. Along with this, it is helpful to keep the environment clean.
  • Protect the animal birds. By protecting the birds, we can protect the environment and the earth.
  • Using solar energy is right for the environment. Water is used to make electricity. This has an effect on tree plants.
  • Place the tree plants Their bites cause the environment to be contaminated. To save the environment tree planting is important.
  • Do not collect garbage etc. in one place. Neither fire. The environment is contaminated by this.
  • Do not fire after harvesting in the fields, where air pollution is caused by smoke generated from it. Many organisms are destroyed by burning in it.
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