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Did you know: If you were born in korea.

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Did you know:

If you were born in korea, you ‘d be a different age than you are now. koreans used the East Asian age reckoning system. once a baby is born, they automatically turn 1 .No matter what day of the year were born, you are consider the same age as everyone else born that year and nobody’s age increase until the new year . So  if you born in dec .31st you would turn  2   the next day.

 Men  who wear glasses are perceived to be weaker than those who don’t  and are often viewed as less competent leaders

 Twice as many soldiers died from disease than battle injuries during the American civil war. Dysentry and chronic diarrhea were so prevalent that there was an honor code among soldiers-you could  not shoot a man while he was pooping.

Did you know-wikifeed

Bill murray once took a cab and found out the driver who played the saxophone,never got  to practice his instrument because he worked 14 hours a day.murray forced him to pull over ,traded places with him,and drove the cabbie around while he practice in back seat.

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Did you know-wikifeed

China has a clone town that are replicas of popular cities from other countries,like Paris, Venice, London, and Jackson hole,Wyoming.

Did you know-wikifeed

Paris  is almost a ghost town because the cost of living is so high and jobs are scarce-but people will pay million to live in fake Wyoming,because its closer to shanghai.

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