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Do You know These Amazing Facts | Latest Information

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Do You know These Amazing Facts | Latest Information.

1. According to a Harvard psychologist, dogs probably have dreams about their owners.

Amazing facts - wikifeed

2. If you want to know whether a diamond is real ,breathe on it. Diamonds are very efficient heat conductors, so the fog from your breath will disappear almost immediately if it is real. If the fog sticks around a few seconds before clearing up, the rock is probably a fake.

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Amazing facts - wikifeed

3. You can waterproof your matches by covering the heads with candle wax or painting them with nail polish.

Amazing facts - wikifeed

4. The twitter bird’s name is LARRY

Amazing facts - wikifeed

5. Bananas are curved because they grew against the pull of gravity. They start of hanging downwards but as they get bigger ,they start trying to grow upwards to get more sun and end up having a curved shape.

Amazing facts - wikifeed

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