NASA Yan will reach 'Sun' - wikifeed

For the first time in the world, the ‘NASA’ Yan will reach ‘Sun’ | Science

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For the first time in the world, the ‘NASA’ Yan will reach ‘Sun’

American Space Agency NASA will complete 60 years this year. It was launched on July 29, 1958. Under the new mission the space agency will send the speccraft to the nearest sun. According to NASA, during this time, the spacecraft will use gravity of Venus and Mercury and will gradually reach the Sun’s orbit.

NASA Yan will reach 'Sun' - wikifeed

During this, there will be a 6.2 million (62 lakh) km distance in the atmosphere of Spacecraft and Sun. No spacracts have so far reached the Sun till date. In this mission, the sun’s dangerous hot zone and radiation will be examined.

The objective of the mission is to examine how much energy passes through the aura of the sun and what are the reasons for promoting solar energite particles and hot air. In June 2018, NASA will increase existing robotic fleet on Mars through Insight Lander. This will study the upper surface of Mars.

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Transition Experimental Survey Satellite (TESS) Mission will be started in June 2018 only. Through this 200,000 stars will be monitored outside our solar system. NASA will also launch ICE Sat-2 and GRACE missions to investigate the Earth’s ice, sea level and changing underground water reserves.

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