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Hardik Patel alleged sex video on the Internet gone Viral

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Hardik Patel alleged sex video on the Internet happened Viral.

This was a discussion between Ahmedabad and Delhi journalists during the last two months that any Hardik Patel CD will be available just before the election. On November 4, Hardik Patel’s statement in this regard was that before the election, BJP could publish his fake sexual CD. Then, Hardik told reporters, ‘BJP prepares a fake CD against me. This will be released before the election. You can expect some BJP apart from this. Wait and enjoy the CD. ‘

(source : news x youtube)

Directly after 9 days, a young man released the so-called Hardik sex CD. The young man claims that he has a CD from other leaders of ‘Patidar Amanat Movement Committee’. Here, responding to the CD, Hardik Patel says that the policy policy in Gujarat has begun. Hardik Patel has given his support to the Congress in this election. In such a situation, it is imperative to boil the state of the state after this CD.

The first thing is that it has not been clear if a person who appears on the CD is Hardik Patel or not. Here, Hardik constantly tells the CD to be fake. In such a situation, the consensual policy of the accusation against each other after the CD has begun. It is expected that it will hold fast in the next few days.

BJP was looking at back-to-back issues on many issues. Now, there is a chance for the Congress to attack the Congress on the excuse of Hardik. At the same time, to get the sympathy of Congress patriots, the allegation of this whole scandal will be seen putting BJP on its forehead.

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In 2015, pictures of hearty pictures of Hardik Patel were also quite viral. These photos were later found to be fake. Hardik can save himself by citing the efforts of the character abusers in the past.

In 2016, the alleged sting of Hardik Patel was revealed. He was shown taking the money in it. This attempt at the abusive behavior of Hrithik Patel was reversed. After this sting, compassion had increased in Patidar society. Meanwhile, in September 2016, Cha de Amit organized a meeting in Surat. In this meeting, he had to face the heavy opposition of the Patidars.

He had to finish his proposed four hours in just half an hour. Then Chief Minister Anandiben Patel was called to Delhi for cleaning. From here his role of resignation began.

Although this CD can not be directly attributed to BJP on the CD, Hardik Patel continuously raises the BJP at the shipyard. In this case, due to this sexual CD, BJP should face political losses. As the last bite, if Hardik is able to prove himself ‘the pursuit of the system’ this time, then he can raise compassion on a large scale. This situation can increase the misery of the BJP.

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