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iPhone X app enables Hiding of the unsightly Notch from Homescreen | Technology

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iPhone X app enables Hiding of the unsightly Notch from Homescreen

Apple iPhone X is clearly better iPhone ever made. Everything from its bezel screen minus the extraordinary camera and a massive design review, iPhone X earns every bit of the praise that this has received since launch. But the unsightly notch on the iPhone X is certainly a visual disaster, so many of you could agree.

iphone x notch notch technology - wikifeed

Some people love “the notch,” the defining feature of the iPhone X where the Apple posts advanced 3 sensors on top of the iPhone’s screen. The notch or sensor that slits the top of the iPhone’s screen into two so-called ears that leave the screen space for small pieces of information such as signal strength or battery life.

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But some people just want to hide it.

But Apple decided to make the exact opposite and hug the footboard completely. Whether the branding or UI decision of Apple’s decision in this regard was unknown, but what we know is that the notch is here to stay. In fact, Apple has encouraged developers to not implement any UI updates. Who draw attention away from the notch design.

Now if you happen to be in the minority of people who feel otherwise, there’s no reason to despair. In fact, you might be happy to know that there’s actually an app out there that, through some clever iOS background-image trickery, can effectively remove the notch design from the iPhone X homescreen and lockscreen.

All that Notcho does is create funds that cover the covers on both sides of the notch with the black hue, then it appears as a direct cut bevel at the top. Check the sample image with and without the Notcho app below:

iphone x notch notch technology - wikifeed

Users can decide from some preloaded funds within Notcho to hide the notch. But for a more personalized experience, users can import any photo and images and transform them into a wallpaper without notch for their iPhone X.

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The Notcho is free, but the free version includes a small filigree that you will definitely not want to ruin the user experience. If you want to get rid of the watermark, it requires an in – app purchase of $ 1.99. If you hate the notch, but do not hate it so much that you want to spend 2 dollars to get rid of it, you can download it as easily free iPhone X wallpapper from Alex Humberman that essentially does the same thing. The download link can be found in the tweet below.


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