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Jawaharlal Nehru’s Speech on the day our country got freedom | Information

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Jawaharlal Nehru’s Speech on the day our country got freedom

Jawaharlal Nehru is one of those great men who inspired thousands of people – millions of people from their speeches in a crowded meeting. This speech was given by Nehru to the independent India on the midnight of August 14, 1947, and in his speech, he had told about the struggle for the decade of the British Empire. Let us tell you what you said in their full speech.

Jawaharlal Nehru Information - wikifeed

During the midnight night our country was liberated, Jawaharlal Nehru said that we had broken chains of slavery. This was the 125th birthday on November 14, the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru of the country, who announced this freedom and happiness throughout the world. Know about 10 memorable historical stories of Nehru, those who hear or read after this and then until today people have the radiance or moisture of happiness in their eyes.

Today the time of misfortune is over and India will do its search again. The achievement that we celebrate today is just one step, the big triumph and the achievements await us. 

Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru delivered speech at midnight on Independence:

The independence ceremony began at 11 a.m. on August 14. One of the main speakers of the ceremony was our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru said, ‘When the whole world dreams of sleep delay tonight at midnight, Hindustan opens its eyes to a new life and atmosphere of freedom. This is a moment that looks very little in history, when we enter a new era of old age and when an era is over and when a soul for a long time demanded a lot of time in a country suddenly finds its expression. ‘Nehru gave this speech in English, but despite this many people did not know how much English his eyes had wet.

Jawaharlal Nehru Information - wikifeed

In-front of the  the tricolor flag, Nehru gave a memorable speech in December 1929 at the Lahore session. Nehru in his message said that, “Again you have to remember that this flag has been raised now. Unless a Hindu man, woman, child is alive, this should not be folded down”.

Most women had to suffer due to the division problem. There were innumerable cases of rape abducting Hindus, Muslims and Sikh women. Later, after government efforts, when these women came home, many women did not want to go home, or the families of women had left them saying ‘profane’. After independence, the number of women in brothels in Delhi, Mumbai had decreased a lot. Addressing these women through a radio program, Nehru said, ‘Women who faced all kinds of difficulties during partition should not think we have any doubts about their character. We want to return them with love because there is no lack in them. We want to keep them very tenderly in our homes. Every possible help would be given to such women.

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In October 1947, the peace of Kashmir was dissolved in the tribal attack of the Pakistani attackers. Then Kashmir did not join India. India had prevented the growth of the tribal attack by sending troops from time to time. After peace was established in Kashmir, Nehru wrote to his sister and said, ‘I think the Kashmiri people will decide the fate of Kashmir.’ For what I am worried I have no qualms to release Kashmir. But this would be a cruel joke that Kashmir should remain a protected part of Pakistan. ‘

During Parliament’s actions on December 10, 1946, Ravi el Dhulekar, a big favored to grant Hindustani national status, said that those who do not understand Hindustani have no right to live in the house and if such people are present in the house then they will become members is not the value. They go from here the scandal started in the House in this matter. Seeing the growing uproar, Nehru went to the forum and told the members, ‘This is not a public meeting of Jhansi that you wake up and begin to give your knowledge of a strong voice, saying’ to the Sisters of Brothers.

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From nation formation to national integration during the partition of the country, the importance of minorities emerged as a major challenge for Nehru. Nehru once said about this, ‘the way we behave with our majority society, it will also do I would say not only equality with minorities, but it should be treated like this that they realize that there is no discrimination against them.’

In 1952, the first election was held in India. In this election, Nehru gave a conversation of approximately 95 minutes of public length between a public meeting in Delhi. People liked that part of Nehru’s speech, in which Nehru said, ‘If a person raises his hand for some other man because of religion, then, as the head of government, I fight against him until the last breath of life. I will be.’

Nehru was very stubborn in some cases. On October 19, 1952, Pouti Shri Ramkumu began the rapid hunger strike demanded by Andhra Pradesh. This hunger strike won a lot of people’s support. In this aspect Nehru also knew the status quo. Nehru wrote a letter to Chief Minister Madras Rajgopalachari on December 3, saying, ‘Anand as incidents have started the demand for Andhra Pradesh and I get televised televisions in this regard.’ I am not impressed at all, and I want to ignore it totally. ‘But after 12 days of this letter, on December 15, Shri Ramlu died during the 58th day of Anshan. After listening to the death news, the entire area of ​​Andhra was drowned in violence. In view of the violence, only two days after the death of Shri Ramloo, Nehru favored for the formation of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

After independence in India’s creation, many leaders and citizens had to face a lot of trouble. Once, a French writer, Melroux, wanted to know about his biggest problem after Independence, Nehru said, ‘The creation of an egalitarian society by the means of justice has been the biggest problem for me. Perhaps in the religious country, the construction of a secular state has also been a problem for me. 

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On November 26, 1962, the day when Prime Minister Nehru announced the failure of Indian forces in front of Chinese forces over the radio. Nehru said, ‘These Chinese forces attacked us and these people from the eastern border province of Nafa came into our country and they attacked the soldiers  our soldiers. After this there was a very big war. The Chinese cast such a large army there that they removed a small army from us and suppressed them. Nehru suffered a severe blow to defeat of China and about one and half years after China’s defeat, Nehru finally breathed his last on 27 May 1964 and ended an era.

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