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The country that launches the most missile in the world | latest news today wikifeed

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       The country that launches the most missile in the world.

North Korea missile -wikifeed

North Korea once again examined its missile on Japan on September 14, which has been implemented by Japan’s North Korean counterparts, North Korea Tanah Shah King-Jong  in his own country, in his own way. It is said that no one can work anything with his own wish that North Korea is called the second hell in the country. King-Jong tries very cruelty to his country men, and North Korea keeps on exploring the missile every month.

An audience runs from a TV screen, reporting that North Korea’s missile launch reports that Seoul, South Korea, Seoul, South Korea, Wednesday, August 30, 2017, North Korean leader Kim Jong N Has an image of On the notice for more ambitious trials from Japan, putting Asia-Pacific, including the US area Guam, North has given Washington and Seoul more space for more arms testing.

North Korea’s Tanna Shah Kim Jong has launched more than 80 missiles so far.

North Korea missile -wikifeed

This was the test of 15th missile by North Korea this year, and the first North Korea had offered its most powerful nuclear bomb on September 3 on a date.

The United Nations asked for its nuclear stimulus to be binding on North Korea, and said that the punishment is being failed for more than a decade.

This launch comes after one day when Pyongyang threatened Japan and the United Nations Security Council (United Nations Security Council) for “a new ban” against the United States for the September 3 nuclear test and threatened “darkness” was given

What is significant is that North Korea is slowly reforming the economy, and it will be very difficult to change such things through North Korea trade barriers.

The current view of sanctions is partly based on the assumption that North Korea’s economy is a socialist nightmare, but it is not really true although the country is still poor but its GDP increases by 3.9 percent in 2016 to 28.5 billion The dollar has gone, which is the fastest pace in 17 years.

North Korea missile -wikifeed

North Korea trade with China and despite strict sanctions, its neighboring country continued to investigate the missile and China had been asked to ban North Korea’s imports a few months ago. And the increase in iron imports increased so much, which led to a 10.5 percent increase in trade by $ 2.55 billion.

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Joint, South Korea’s Park Chung-Oh or China’s Deng Jiaoping are showing themselves trapped-an economic reformist against an iron. Despite the violation of human rights in large scale, the park is still long in memory of many South Koreans to bring the country into economic maturity.Deng is largely responsible for turning China into a financial powerhouse, which is today. It is easy to imagine that if Kim’s nuclear weapon B.A Japan and South Korea have to face many challenges.

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