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NASA’s Mars Odyssey took the first picture of Phobos | Science

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NASA’s Mars Odyssey took the first picture of Phobos.

NASA - wikifeed

American Space Agency NASA’s space shuttle Mars Odyssey has captured the photos of Moon Phobos of Mars in the camera for the first time in 16 years of revolution in Mars. The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), a Mars Odyssey launched in 2001, took pictures of Phobos on September 29.

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Phobos is of oval shape and its average diameter is about 22 kilometers. Earlier, Mars had taken photos of high-resolution photos of Phobos, but scientists did not get any information regarding Infrared.

NASA - wikifeed

NASA has said in a statement that many bands of thermal-infrared waves have gathered information about the surface structure and texture of the surface. Jonathan Hill, the planner of THEMIS Mission from Arizona State University, said, “THEMIS has been on Mars for the last 16 years, but for the first time we have been able to fold the spacecraft to see Phobos.”

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