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Life is Impossible on Mars : Oxford Scientists | Science

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Life is Impossible on Mars : Oxford Scientists.

According to the Oxford scientists, Mars was uninhabited when its surface water was captured in the crust of the planet.

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A new study now provides insight into subtle changes in planetary conditions that determine whether life is possible or not.

According to scientists, 3 billion years ago, the planet red as Earth was feathers in water.

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However, modern Mars is sterile and dry, except stories anywhere except the existence of Martins.

Science - wikifeed

Scientists have long wondered what happened to the waters of Mars, previous research suggests that some of the planet’s water had been absorbed space after the collapse of the magnetic field, led by researchers at the University of Oxford in a new study suggested The Water is still there, causing chemical reactions along its rocky crust to be closed on the surface of the planet.

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Speaking about the discovery, lead author of the study by Dr. John Bloodcurdling said that on Mars, the Besaltik bark with fresh blast lava was built in an effect that resembles the production of water sponge.

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“This water-rock reaction went to the minorlogy rock and dried up the planetary surface and became alien to life,” he said. ‘

The solar system had created little variation between the earth and other planets, like Mars and did not have the platform for life to emerge on our planet.

Science - wikifeed

Dr. According to Bloodcurdling, the biggest difference between Earth and Mars is that its cover is more iron in the rocks.

Scientists discovered that rocks on Mars were able to hold about 25 percent more water than those found on Earth, and these reefs carry water inside the planet.

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Previous studies have found unusual structures, suggesting that small creatures lived on the surface of the planet, and springs of hot water and geyars that existed there.


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