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Existence of Planet Nine in the Solar System : NASA

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Existence of Planet Nine in the Solar System

super Earth - wikifeed

NASA scientists have said that the concept of Planet Nine is real and it is possible that it is 10 times more than the Earth’s mass and 20 times more than the Sun compared to Varun (Neptune). Planet Nine or the ninth planet of the Solar System can be a Super-Earth planet about which scientists have been talking about, and whose mass is higher than Earth, but much less than Uranus and Neptune.

Planetary astrophysicist Kastankin Battin in the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA, said, “There are now 5 different interpretive evidence indicating the existence of Planet Nine.


He said, ‘If you remove this explanation and imagine not having Planet Nine then you will give birth to more problems than solving. Earlier, scientists had said that in the outer part of the Solar System there was also a possible planet ahead of the Kiper circle. Now, through another interpretation, the scientists have not denied its existence.

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Vatican explaining an example said that suddenly you have 5 different puzzles and to make them clear, you have to present five different principles. It further explains that Pluto used to be the ninth planet of the Solar System, but after the definition of the planet in 2006, the International Astronomical Union made it out of the planetary category.

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