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RGV Posted Mia Malkova’s ‘God, Sex and Truth’ trailer

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RGV Posted Mia Malkova’s ‘God, Sex and Truth’ trailer

Ramgopal Verma has come out of the leak to make films on a lot of bold topics. From Rangila to Veerappan, Ramgopal Verma has introduced many such topics. This time, Ramogpal Verma is bringing the film ‘God Sex and Truth’ with the Adult Actress Mia Malvoka.

According to the director, this film is based on revolutionary sex philosophy. This film has been shown by combining both the subject matter and God.

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Sex is often termed as unholy and non-religious. In almost all religions, Brahacharya has been told as necessary in the way of getting God.

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Many philosophers and psychologists have written this topic before this. India’s religious leader Osho has also refused to deny sexual relations in the spiritual goal of ‘from sexual intercourse’ to the spiritual goal, but it has been said to attain spiritual goals.


Osho says, “We have not given any other respect till date of abuse except sex. We are afraid to talk. We have hid it as if it is not just as there is no place in her life. Whereas the truth is that there is nothing more in the life of a person more important than that. But he has hidden it, pressed it. Humans have not been liberated from suppressing and hiding, but human beings suffer from it even worse. Suppression has brought inverse results.

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In England, Father Stephen Wang of Allen Hall Seminary once said that people take the wrong meaning of celibacy, whereas this creates a unique relationship with God. According to him, ‘This is not suppression. This is like learning the art of love in a way.


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There is another coat in this film – Sexual relations is divine and the restrictions imposed on it are human. Many people regard sex as the root of nature and are not in favor of taboo. But on the other hand it is considered as obstacle in the way of non-violence. In the yogic philosophy, the mention of sacred sexual energy is found. If a person raises his sexual energy in favor of spirituality, then he can attain God.

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