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There may be a possibility of breathing in the future on Mars | Science

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There may be a possibility of breathing in the future on Mars

Is there a possibility of life on Mars? This question has been creating a curiosity among the scientists, due to which all the research is going on. India’s Mangalyaan campaign is also a link to this series. While on the one hand, exploration is going on whether or not there was ever life on Mars, while scientists are also preparing to send humans to Mars. From the very beginning, scientists have believed that there are the most powerful possibilities for living or living environment on planet Mars.

 Science - wikifeed

A recent research in this series has shown that there are ideal conditions for converting atmospheric carbon dioxide into oxygen effectively on Mars. In this new research, it has been claimed that in future, using Plasma Techniques would be possible.

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Prospects in the Transformation of Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen

Vasco Guerra of the University of Lisbon said,

“In the order of detailed exploration of space, sending manned missions to Mars will be our next big step. However creating a breathing environment is a real challenge

Guerra said, “Recycling of carbon dioxide plasma on Earth is an emerging area of research which has accelerated due to the problems of solar fuels and weather changes.

He said, “Plasma of low temperature, direct electron impact and transfer of electron energy into a composite stimulus is one of the best ways to break CO2 into oxygen and carbon monoxide molecules.” The result is published in the journal Plasmas Source Science and Technology.

96 percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Mars

 Science - wikifeed

According to researchers from the University of Porto and Ecole Polytechnic in Paris, 96 percent of carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere of Mars. Research has shown that the radius of pressure and temperature in the atmosphere of Mars shows that non-thermal plasma can be used effectively to produce oxygen.

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