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Today Chief Justice of the SC can talk to the Bar, the meeting convened by Bar Association

Today Chief Justice of the SC can talk to the meeting convened by Bar Association.

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Today Chief Justice of the SC can talk to the meeting convened by Bar Association..

The country saw for the first time a similar situation when the current judges of the Supreme Court addressed the media. The four Supreme Court justices disinvestment the press conference and claimed that the Supreme Court administration does not work properly, if it works, the democratic situation will not be fine. He said that on the subject we talked about the AKP boss (SIJEAI), but he did not hear our point. Taking these allegations, AKP chief Deepak Mishra can negotiate with the judges of the Supreme Court today.

supreme court - wikifeed

In this regard, the Bar Association has convened an afternoon of 4:00 meeting today. It is where the attorney general has been waiting for the current dispute to be resolved. It is where the Association of Lawyers of the Supreme Court of Justice has said that creating illusions in compatriots is not right that the judiciary.

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IRM’s position was adopted by 4 judges of the Supreme Court and after the Supreme Court (SIJEAI) Deepak Mishra also put his part in the matter, according to the sources, said that all judges of the Supreme Court are equal and consider themselves independent. He said the Supreme Court would have bifurcated the right to seek all. Say the question assumed the supreme four judges, Chelameshvar of AKP, AKP Ranjan Gogoi, AKP Madan Lokur and AKP Kurian Joseph raised these two things in his press conference.

supreme court - wikifeed

Tell you that on Friday morning the country witnessed an extraordinary situation in the judiciary for the first time. The current judges of the Supreme Court approached the media. The second highest judge after the AKP, Chelameshvar of the AKP, said at the press conference that sometimes Supreme Court system in the country also varies. The administration of the Supreme Court is not working properly, if it is executed, the democratic situation will not be like that. We talk to the AKP boss about this issue, but they do not listen to ours, “he said.

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Around the judges said that if we do not put these things in front of the country and we do not talk then democracy would be about. We talked about the irregularities of the AKP boss. He explained that four months ago we had written a letter to the head of justice for all four judges who were in relation to the administration, we had taken some questions. The head of the AKP must decide on the country, we are simply paying the country’s debt. The judges said we do not want to be planted charges in. It is the first time that the current Supreme Court judges of the press conference. In this case, Venugopal the Prosecutor’s Office said on Saturday that it will put an end to the disputes between the judges of the Supreme Court and all cases will be resolved.

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