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Truth of November 19th, ‘Nibiru Omnipotence’ estimated too close to Eliminate the World | News

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Truth of November 19th, ‘Nibiru Omnipotence’ estimated too close to Eliminate the World

A news and message on the Internet are becoming viral, it has been said that on Conspiracy theorists believe that Planet X, or Nibiru, will collide with the earth and erase the entire human race.

Conspiracy theories about the end of NBIRU or ‘Planet X’ world run for almost two decades. After waiting for the final Holocaust of September 23, the conspirators have given a new date – November 19.

Science - wikifeed

Planet X, or Nibiru, refers to a mythological planet in our solar system that conspiracy theorists believe there will be an accident on earth and erase the human race, a theory that NASA and other experts continually ‘cheat the Internet’ Nothing has not been rejected except nothing.

David Mead, a self-proclaimed Christian researcher, has written a book ‘Planet X – the Arrival 2017’ – and predicts that Nairobi will crash on Earth, causing devastating destruction. It is thought that the planet earth is 10 times the size

You ask me completely for a logical interpretation of the discrepancy.”There is no such planet, it has never happened, [and] it will probably never happen.

‘This year alone, the NIBIRU day has been updated twice: the Apocalypse was originally scheduled for September 23, had continued on October 21, and now, the powers that have been decided on November 19.

‘Fransinde, C Nebru S. Verdendro – the Queen no Ex-definition – This army is an Emram Cloak.’

In this way, as did the plot of Planet X, at the end of 1990, the fraud was born online, and then popularized by Leader Nancy in the Conversation Forum of Zeta, the Nancy Leader was contacted, who affirms that as a girl she called Gray Color Gratus Additional Land, he claimed that ‘Planet X’, which will soon pass through the earth and destroy civilization.

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However, the complete denial by AGARRA is unlikely to stop the Niburu myth, and new dates are being set if nothing is done on Sunday. Conspiracy theorists claim that NASA’s first statement is all part of the cover before the passage of Niibeau. NASA believes that there is a huge new planet called Planet 9 on the banks of the Solar System, but it will not be close to Earth.

But now a new video has been placed on YouTube, which shows a bright orange object that falls on the ground to Bermuda in the Pacific Ocean. The title of ‘Planet of Niburu Video Update of X2017 – Probably seen on Planet X Bermuda.

The video uploader believes that the bright orange object is debris from Planet X that is approaching Earth and onwards the uploader has also dismissed the theories that this could be the remains of an airplane.

Does Planet X really exist? It is the World that is really going to end, this arrival on Sunday, we will find out!


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