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UFO sight: Old NASA image solves Google Earth secrets | Science

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UFO spotting: Old NASA image solves Google Earth mystery.

Recent reports made the rounds that a UFO was seen in Google Maps and Google Earth. However, on closer inspection it revealed that the ‘UFO’ actually offers Alvarniya studios, which are used for movies, as well as for video games.

In search of extraterrestrial life has continued for years and many times involved in these campaigns come close enough often enough to prove this evidence. As regards 2017, this is quite important in the opening of the UFO.

Science nasa - wikifeed

A recent report of the UFO that appears on Google Maps and Google Earth, was circling a large triangle in Australia 30 degrees 30 ‘38.44 115 ° 22’ 56.03 ‘E

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The triangle was discovered in 2007 and UFO enthusiasts took a deep interest in it. The surface claim that it was a ‘UFO triangle’ that had been hovering over the earth.

Science nasa - wikifeed

However, on closer inspection, it was found that the ‘UFOs’ are really Alvarniya studios, which are used for movies, as well as facilities for video games and musical projects.

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Meanwhile, a strange white object was seen when a NASA shuttle collection video of the 2011 launch has emerged. UFO hunters have claimed that it is a test of an extraterrestrial craft. The old vision that originally appeared on NASA’s official YouTube channel has been reexamined. In addition, this channel was re-uploaded in UFO today.

Science nasa - wikifeed

The object is defined by the channel as a blank night satellite – an extraterrestrial ship is rumored to have been secretly orbiting the earth for thousands of years.

Tony of Genius, co-lead for NASA’s Nexes project at the Institute for Space Studies in New York, claimed that the discovery of extraterrestrial life may be decades away.

In addition, he also said that extraterrestrial life could vary considerably from the earth.

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