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What would happen if North Korea attacked USA with Nuclear Weapon?

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What would happen if North Korea attacked USA with Nuclear Weapon?

For many years, the world had warned, but most people doubted that the day would come at any time. Safer falls before safety, but a missile reveals that it is the most important. In the flash, hundreds of thousands, if the millions of people will not die.

North Korea World War - wikifeed
What would happen if North Korea had started nuclear weapons

Will North Korea stop a nuclear weapon? No one knows for sure, but we know that the aforementioned script is really a threat and the North Korean threat aggressive for decades. While the interdependent rule may have lacked the necessary weapons in advance, but in the North now negotiations have the capacity to at least provoke their threats.

In the situation of America and allies of East Asia, there are strategic defense assets, but the war is full of uncertainty. ‘People think that missile protection is a magic wand, they are not,’ a famous weapon expert Jeffrey Lewis told the Daily Visitor News Foundation (the DCNF).

What happens here if the trigger pulls the trigger: What if a launch seems unexpected?

The US and its allies in this area are not ready for the nuclear strike of North Korea. Both the US and South Korea plan a pre-strike struggle for a situation in which North Korea’s nuclear attack becomes imminent, and when Japan considers new options, it is still heavily dependent on the American defense.

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South Korea has a three-step defense system, the first of which is designed to eliminate aggressive abilities in the North-East. The “kill chain” preemptive strike system detects signals of an imminent nuclear missile launch and attacks the atomic weapon sites and missile bases with cruise missiles and other weapons.

There is also a joint response plan in the US and South Korea, Operation Plan (OPLAN) 5015.

The features of OPLAN5015 are classified, however, the plan is to reinforce previous emergency plans, 5029 mostly Open (internal instability in North Korea), Opplan 5027 (preparation for total war), and a local time plan to include stimuli Local transferred from the plan in North Korea. The Opplan 5015 is suspected of requesting pre-strikes in the North Korean command possibly in essential military installations and weapons from the north.

North Korea World War - wikifeed

In the event that a nuclear missile strike was unpredictable, the Allies could deal with the principle of eliminating missiles from the North. Jointly former Chief of Staff Chief Mike Mulane said this if North Korea is ready to launch a capable nuclear missile, then the US There may be a move to ‘raise launch capabilities’ in the launchpad.

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America and South Korea are routinely trained for such contingencies. For example, during the annual critical solution and the Bird Eagle, US and South Korean soldiers have practiced ‘the 4th’ plan of operations, in which the military options of priority to discover, to disrupt, to destroy and defend against North Korean attacks are included The focus has exact attacks against the enemy’s main military installations and weapon systems.

The challenge is that North Korea’s increasingly mobile missile launchers are scattered over the country. In addition, the Korean People’s Army (KPA) has begun to use solid fuel missiles, which require less preparation time when they can be fueled already and only a limited team has to be missiles. Concrete fuels can be fired with fewer warnings and it is very difficult to track them, so that they are less risky for earlier attacks.

Another issue is that it will be very difficult to prove a diplomat in the earlier attacks against North Korea, especially if the war ends with the war, which is practically guaranteed.

What if the boats are already in the air?

  • If a North Korean missile does it in the air, then there are projects for that situation as well.
  • South Korea and Japan rely on the defense of tile missile.

The three-phase defense system of South Korea has two phases of the Korea Missile and Air Defense (KAMD) system, which must stop incoming missiles. The South Korean defense is reinforced by the deployment of a THAAD battery from South Korea, a process that North Korea had removed four missiles in the Sea of ​​Japan a few weeks ago.

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