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Will parents see Movie ‘Padman’ with their children! Twinkle answered,Box Office collection

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Will parents see Movie ‘Padman’ with their children! Twinkle answered

Twinkle Khanna, the producer of the film ‘Padman’, has said that the body should not be embarrassed on the natural process of breaking the taboos associated with menstruation and speaking openly on it.

'Padman - wikifeed

Twinkle said, “Every person in our society needs to change their thinking to add menstruation to shame and we expect. Through the film Padman, not only people’s thinking, but also the advertisement of sanitary napkins shown on television. In the film Padman, twinkle husband and actor Akshay Kumar will be seen in the role of Pedman. This movie is inspired by Padman Arunachalam Muruganatham of real life.

How did the audience ‘Padman’

'Padman - wikifeed

Sharing the idea before making this film, Twinkle says:

“I was working on several articles on menstruation and during that time I came to know about the story of Muruganatham and I was immediately impressed by it, because it is an inspiring The story is there.

She said:

“This story is about a man who takes such a big step for his wife, as well as a less educated, more knowledgeable English and despite a limited resource, he becomes inventor, so if we tell this story If you want to reach people among us, then it was necessary for us to be entertained, because people would not like it, so no one will see it. ‘

'Padman - wikifeed

According to twinkle, ‘The story of her (Muruganatham) is interesting in all those I have read so far. Therefore, work on this was started. ‘ In front of children, parents often change the channel when they receive sanitary advertisements on television. Will Padman manage to change their mentality?

Twinkle said:

‘I think that the idea will not change, the advertisements will change too. In such advertisements, blue material is shown to explain the menstruation, we expect that red color will be shown in its place from now on. We hope that this will probably happen. Not only will parents change, but advertisements will also change. ‘

Often shopkeepers are seen wearing pad in a newspaper or wrapping women in black foil, which is sometimes a very filling moment for women, says Twinkle, “I think this is the We are trying to do that why a normal process of body is embarrassed, while this is the most essential biological process, because if we do not have menstruation (women) TI, there are a number of people have, they are not born. ”

'Padman - wikifeed

The film tells how Arunachalam Muruganatham of Tamil Nadu brought a new revolution by making a sanitary pad making machine at low cost and became famous as the padman. When asked by Twinkle what challenges did you face during the movie?

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She said:

‘My challenge was before the film started and after the start of it my challenges were over. I took 9 months to persuade Arunachalam Muruganatham to show his story on the screen. Twinkle said in a funny accent, “In such a situation, I could have created a third child. So I think that was a big challenge. ‘

People see the topic of menstrual embarrassment, in such a situation, will parents see the film with their children?

'Padman - wikifeed

Twinkle said:

“We have tried to create a movie which will not only entertain the audience, but also get a message, and this is not just a story of menstruation, but also the story of a man who created a great invention Done So I do not think anyone will be uncomfortable while watching this film.

PadMan Box Office collection:

Talking about the opening collection of PadMan, Johar says that the film is eyeing a collection of Rs 13-Rs 14 crore. While in the opening weekend, it could garner as much as Rs 50 crore. In terms of the number of screens, PadMan has acquired more than 2000 screens, a dominant share in the market.

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