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World scientists released a ‘Disappointing Information’ about Humanity | Information

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World scientists released a ‘Disappointing Information’ about Humanity

At the end of 1992, 1700 scientists from around the world published a ‘Horrible Humanity for Warning’. He said that people has pushed the Earth ecosystem to its breaking point and they are on the dangerous way that can ruin the planet. The Warning letter has details about the environmental impacts as due to the incineration of fossil fuels due to annoying biblical – deficiency of stratospheric ozone, air and water pollution, the fall of fishery and soil productivity, deforestation, loss of species and terribly global climate change Damage done.

Science - wikifeed

Things were only going to get worse.

In order to mark the 25th anniversary of the letter, researchers have released a restored continuation. In a release published on Monday in the Journal of Biological Science, more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries assess the latest responses of several environmental threats in the world. Again, they want us to know that we are in a  lot of trouble.

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‘Humanity was generally making enough progress in solving these contingencies environmental challenges, and disturbing, most of them are worsening,’ he writes. This letter, under the command of Oregon State University ecologist ‘William Repele’, acts as ‘a second warning’, the author says: ‘It is too late that the road can be overcome in our unsuccessful speed.’

The global climate change is located above the list of new planetary threats. Since 1992, the global average temperature has increased by more than half the degree Celsius, and annual carbon dioxide emissions have increased by 62 percent.

Science - wikifeed

But this is the only problem that is the face of the people, the degree of forest and the number of wild caught fish (a milestone of health of global fisheries) has reduced the range of fresh water. The number of dead ocean areas has increased. The human population grew by an enormous 2 billion, while the population of all other mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish decreased by almost 30 percent.

The only bright spot exists in the stratosphere, from where the hole in the protective ozone layer of the planet has had no value in 1988, is now at its smallest size. Scientists say the progress to get out of chlorofluorocarbons – Once the chemicals used in refrigerators, air conditioners and aerosols, they cause reactions in the atmosphere to break the ozone.

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‘The rapid decline in ozone depleting substances shows that when we act decisively, we can make positive changes,’ the letter said. The authors have given 13 suggestions to improve our influence on the planet, in which establishment of nature reserves, reducing food waste, developing green technology and establishing economic incentives to change consumption patterns.

To this end, the wave and colleagues formed the Alliance of a new organization, world scientists, whose objective is to provide scientific perspectives on issues that affect people and the well-being of the planets.

The ripple said in a release, ‘Analyze scientific data and see long term results.’ ‘Those who sign this second warning, they do not take false alarms, they accept the clear indication that we are going down on an unstable route. We hope our role towards the global environment and climate will be a bit responsible. ‘


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